Don’t Be Hasty

I know that there’s a lot of anxiety right now in our country.

And I know that a lot of people have seen these things coming and have anticipated – gone out and bought land and so forth, maybe even moved out there – but one of the things I want to stress to everyone: there’s no finish line. You’re as prepared as you are today, when it comes to prepping, and preparedness. And the more you can prepare for each day as it comes, the better off you are, but anything can happen.
Don’t feel bad if you haven’t moved out in the woods yet. Just be forward looking. Try to be like that Heisman trophy, dodging all the chaos and all that uncertainty, and don’t let fear drag you down.

Focus on the mission.

Focus on going where you want to go, and living how you want to live. And then backwards plan all the means that you would have to have to do that.
But don’t be discouraged. And if lights go out in your area, don’t panic. Assess. See what you have on hand.
And I guess from now on out, don’t do anything hasty. Don’t do anything impulsive.
I think from here on out… It’s like Winter up here: You can’t just dash out your front door. You have to think about what has to happen.
And I think being impulsive, can waste resources and put you at risk, lead to misunderstandings… Because if there’s ever a time for understanding, it’s now.
And look, don’t be hard on your neighbors if they’re in an opposing political party. We’re all in this trap, ok?
Hang in there America.
And one-day-at-a-time it.

Just one day at a time.

Consider the goat.

He lives for this day, and he doesn’t worry about tomorrow at all. In his conceptualization of reality, this is everything. And it’s very similar to our situation. The past is over and cannot be called back, and the future is absolutely unknown.

So, he eats. And he lives. And he’s happy.

(He still won’t let me pet him though.)

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