THIS Just In: New Pope?

Pope Francis

THIS Just in: The Vatican announced today Pope Francis will step down this Spring in order to elevate the first ever Black Female Pope in the history of the Papacy. Oprah Winfrey has been selected by the College of Cardinals and will be ordained “Poprah The First”

Fathers, Turn Your Hearts Toward Your Children

If there’s one idea that I want to demonstrate, if there’s one principle I want to communicate, it’s this:

FATHERS, turn your HEARTS toward your CHILDREN.

Wherever they may be, whatever they may be doing, turn your hearts toward them – your prayers, your thoughts…. Seek out their good, and be strong for them.

And that’s what I want to do. I want to turn my heart toward my children.

Fathers, turn your hearts toward your children.

Y’know, I’ve had not just one, but a series of amazing careers: US Army soldier, military contractor, security consultant, reality TV star, goatherd….

But being a Father is my most important job. That’s what I want to be best at, what I want to be all about.

Our family had rules amongst ourselves when we were filming for Raising Wild – no sharing of each other’s secrets, no tearing each other down, no fighting on camera (we broke that one once or twice.)

8 episodes from Raising Wild Tv show season 1

What we wanted to demonstrate on TV, and what we try to live out in our ongoing life, is that we are committed to being there for each other, to having each other’s backs – no matter what.

The Bible promises that at the very end of this age, there will be a restoration of all things; and that the hearts of the fathers will be turned towards the children, and the hearts of the children towards the fathers.

father and son walkingNotice that the fathers take the first step.

So once again I exhort you fathers: turn your hearts toward your children. They need us during these times, whether they know it yet or not.

It’s Wednesday. Have a great day.


Poster created by Yakov Guminer | Public Domain

One of the earliest intellectual activities we do as humans is learn to count. On fingers and toes on our Momma’s lap, we learn the fundamental truth of Math. It’s right up there with Language as a first means to interpret our reality.

In George Orwell’s 1984, absolute and total control is exercised by the State. So if the State can compel a citizen to agree that “2+2=5” then, in abased fashion, the State can conform its citizens into any reality of its choosing.

“We’ve ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.”

And here we are.
parents with newborn
Stephanie Pratt | Pixabay

Another fundamental truth we learn youngest is the difference between Male and Female. We learn this by how differently they sound, look, smell and feel. We know the difference between our father and mother.


So when the State, through a tax-funded institution like a university or in the Military or the Executive Branch, compels conformity to the notion that a Male can become a Female, it crushes a core foundation stone of the human experience. If it can do that then the State can conform its citizens to accept any version of reality that propagates the power and survival of the State. It can hide its flaws, cover its lies and camouflage its excesses.

“This is the strongest economy EVER.”

Like I’ve said before, “There are two types of people who read Orwell; those who say, “Oh God!!” and those who say, “Oh Wow!!”

5 Planks for A New Republican Platform

wooden planks
Trey Gowdy recently made the point that Republicans can’t assure success this year by only running against Biden. He says the GOP must be FOR something and run on principles.
That’s easy, Trey. Republicans must be FOR
      • Securing the Borders
      • Restoring the Military
      • Restoring Law and Order
      • Restoring Energy Independence
      • Bringing some whisp of a semblance of basic Competence back to DC
That’s what Republicans should run on – five solid planks to repair this sinking ship.
The performance of good governance after a successful election will address a host of other grievances.

In the Field With Tim Fields

This is a new channel presented in mockumentary style by a friend of ours.

Taylor Palmer plays New Journalist ‘Tim Fields’. Taylor was an Assistant Producer for RAISING WILD and ran us like herd of Hines.

This channel is hilarious.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Nativity Scene
Everyone knows there are ancient and even pagan roots in the celebration of Christmas.
I know that and don’t care. If for one evening and one morning and one day we can commemorate that a certain, specific event split Time and announced the Kingdom to some anonymous shepherds on a hillside in Judea…if there is one day we can recognize that a person named Jesus first drew breath on his Mother’s bosom….then we all know what this day is about.
This Day is all about Jesus….about Who He is and Who He means and where we all are going and what is going to happen. Most importantly, its about The Father. It’s about Him and what His Son thought about Him…and what Jesus was willing to do.
Merry Christmas.
The Lord Bless you and Keep you. The Lord make His Face Shine upon you and Be Gracious to you. The Lord Turn His Face to you and Give you Peace.
Merry Christmas.


Antique Cash Register
Pfizer told investors back in February it expected to clear $15 Billion in 2021. This is double the profits from last year.
The Pfizer corporation sponsors TV news shows such as Good Morning America, CBS Health Watch, Anderson Cooper 360, Nightline, CNN Tonight and a slew of others. And these shows are ON MESSAGE.
In a Marie Antoinette Moment, Nancy Pelosi vowed this week to continue the practice of House Members buying and selling individual stocks – like Pfizer – regardless of conflicts of interest or insider trading. In turn, the corporation is immune from liability. In order to protect those aforementioned profits, all dissent is crushed and all must be forced to comply – because each dose is sold to the government as an individual unit, a product. Each vaccine dose is a sale for Pfizer. Think of a cash register noise with every needle in a child’s arm. This is how Congress Members become millionaires and Board Members become billionaires.
And what does the vaccine do exactly? No one really knows yet. As a matter of fact, the FDA sought to bury vaccine development by Pfizer away from FOIA requests for 75 years – long after anyone involved would be dead. A court overruled that.
What has the vaccine done to our Military? There seems to be a lot of athletes collapsing from the vaccine. How does it effect fitness and readiness? Considering what he does all day, the American Infantryman is certainly an athlete. No one really knows that yet either. Meaning, that’s Classified National Security Information.
We’re going to find out.
We’re going to find out at the worst moment.
We’re going to find out and we will see how America was tricked and betrayed. For Cash and Control.
Don’t you see what’s going on?

We Are Americans

We Are Americans.

We’re loud and proud.

We are fearless, and we’re anxious.

We quarrel with each other at the drop of a hat;

But we fly, sail and drive to help other people in an instant.

We blow money and share it irresponsibly; but we feed billions.

We love the big things and the big ideas.

We’re sentimental to a fault.

We help out wherever we can, and we often overstay our welcome. But wherever people of the Earth encounter us, we change their lives forever, and they want to come here.

We’re a country of goodwill. We’re a country of good people.

God bless America.
God bless Americans.
And God bless you.

Happy Independence Day America!

Find Your Purpose

Each and every day…it’s a new experience. But it’s our purpose.

And if we can do something in accordance with our purpose every day, it helps propel us forward.
We all have purpose, but we think mostly in terms of generalization: You know, “I aim in this direction.” and “This is where I want to be in ten years….” Or whatever. Your daily moment-to-moment purpose is what drives your real behavior – what you want right now….

Proverbs 16:26Proverbs says that a fool’s empty belly presses him on. And that’s pretty logical. Everybody will work for food.
So, find your purpose, and then everyday commit yourself to one act toward your purpose.
It will be less complicated. It will be less hard.
And you will have more courage because you know you’re doing Right.