The Politics of Fear

In my honest, educated assessment, I’d say none of this pandemic response is based on Science or Logic. Remember the fear they created with videos of Asian people convulsing on the ground? Remember when our first response in WA State (the first to report a case) was to pick a volunteer firefighter camp in the forest to stash cases away? Then it was five RVs behind chain-link. At first, masks weren’t necessary – now you should wear two…for a virus. HCQ was identified early as a good treatment – until Trump suggested it. Why is it that of all the lockdowns and financial destruction, China’s economy actually grew last year? This virus is real; it exists. Where it came from is still hotly contested. But we can look back and see The Politics of Fear played out…as small businesses and big dreams were crushed, our economy ground to a halt and we added Trillions to our debt. Heart attack victims and gunshot victims who tested positive became Covid casualties as empty hospital ships sat offshore. New York and New Jersey have the highest numbers of any state and you can look to the ravaged nursing homes and those governors for culpability. And then the Riots. Doctors and Nurses came out all over the country and declared ‘Social Justice’ was worth the risk. Now both the CDC and the WHO are revising PCR test parameters and case numbers. Because Biden won. If you look at what counties that are still locked down in WA state – they’re all Red. Decisions made in the nation were not made in response to “The” Science or Logic; it was all about Fear, Control, Trump and the ascendancy of the People’s Republic of China. That’s my no-shit assessment.

Don’t Be Hasty

I know that there’s a lot of anxiety right now in our country.

And I know that a lot of people have seen these things coming and have anticipated – gone out and bought land and so forth, maybe even moved out there – but one of the things I want to stress to everyone: there’s no finish line. You’re as prepared as you are today, when it comes to prepping, and preparedness. And the more you can prepare for each day as it comes, the better off you are, but anything can happen.
Don’t feel bad if you haven’t moved out in the woods yet. Just be forward looking. Try to be like that Heisman trophy, dodging all the chaos and all that uncertainty, and don’t let fear drag you down.

Focus on the mission.

Focus on going where you want to go, and living how you want to live. And then backwards plan all the means that you would have to have to do that.
But don’t be discouraged. And if lights go out in your area, don’t panic. Assess. See what you have on hand.
And I guess from now on out, don’t do anything hasty. Don’t do anything impulsive.
I think from here on out… It’s like Winter up here: You can’t just dash out your front door. You have to think about what has to happen.
And I think being impulsive, can waste resources and put you at risk, lead to misunderstandings… Because if there’s ever a time for understanding, it’s now.
And look, don’t be hard on your neighbors if they’re in an opposing political party. We’re all in this trap, ok?
Hang in there America.
And one-day-at-a-time it.

Just one day at a time.

Consider the goat.

He lives for this day, and he doesn’t worry about tomorrow at all. In his conceptualization of reality, this is everything. And it’s very similar to our situation. The past is over and cannot be called back, and the future is absolutely unknown.

So, he eats. And he lives. And he’s happy.

(He still won’t let me pet him though.)

If I Could Talk To The Animals

What do you do when you have a reality TV show – and then you don’t?

Well, you get up the next day and do the chores. Feed the animals. Water the garden. Teach the children. And you do that again the next day. And the next.

Taking care of (and talking to) the animals doesn’t change much regardless of whether or not there’s a TV show. The day-in/day-out activity requires an unshakeable commitment but also bears an intangible reward. An intrinsic goodness that enriches our lives in immeasurable ways.

The LORD is My Shepherd

On May 28, 2004, while I was working in Afghanistan, a bullet forever changed my life.

As part of my therapy, I was asked to write a poem showcasing the highlights of my career.

This is the result of that exercise:

The LORD is My Shepherd

I watch the Sun rise over the Mojave Desert before she begins her torture. I dig into ancient seabed with hot metal and bare hands.

I sweat and hump a rucksack up and down the mountains of Central America. I receive Baptism in her clear streams and dig deep in her earth.

I climb the Tae-bek Mountains in Korea and peer into the Demilitarized Zone. There, where the men Stand Alone.

I welcome the Rising Sun of Japan awakening in the Pacific and watch her sleep again in the Yellow Sea.

In the dark, I silently marvel at the Southern Cross in the Australian sky.

I witness paralyzed the rising and falling of machetes in Haiti amid the great screaming of the multitude. I watch from a distance Voodoo Bokers invoke Unclean Spirits and loose them into the night.

I observe the teeming crowd part like the Red Sea for the naked and shambling Zumbe’ walking out her emaciated Living Death.

She doesn’t see me.

She sees no one.

I see her and my jaw hangs open.

There, on Death’s Island, in the Heart of Darkness, the Lord carries me.

I freeze all alone in Alaska beneath Denali’s Brow and the coldness of the Moon. Death is only a few sweet minutes of sleep away. The Lord lifts me to my feet.

I ponder the Aurora Borealis as it plays over the black and white Canadian night. The Lord’s Voice tells me to “Stop” and wait for just one moment, and I am saved.

I swim the tepid and oily waters of the Persian Gulf.

I drive past the Ziggurat of Ur listening to airstrikes on the radio.

In the land of the Chaldeans

In the land of Abraham

I stand on the banks of the River Euphrates and wash my hot feet in the Tigris.

Babylon the Great is on fire.

Columns of smoke reach toward Heaven like angry fingers.

I lay down my submachine gun on the roof of the Palace of the Ruler of Babylon.

I face Jerusalem and pray like an exile The Lord delights me with visions of lambs following their gentle shepherd through the green pastures of Kurdistan.

There, East of Eden, with Nineveh on the horizon, in the belly of Assyria. His Righteous Right Hand preserves me.

Yet the Sun tortures.

I pump my legs up the Hindu Kush and gasp for breath at the footstool of the Himalayas.

I stand as ruler’s guardsman in another palace in another kingdom in another war.

The Right Hand of the Father deflects the bullet from my Mortal Vein. As He corrects it’s path, it forever corrects mine.

God dwells in that intersection of bone and metal and pain and space and time.

I plead to Him under the thin blue sky of Afghanistan and bleed into her sand.

He hears me.

He sees me.

There, where Alexander was halted. There, in the Graveyard of Armies.

I slip into coma as the Sun goes down on me and I lose her light. But in the Dark, He is there and shows me many things.

I awaken to the tearful kisses of the Wife of my youth and the embrace of my children.

I am home. The Sun also rises…

Because He lives, I live. Because He walks with me, I still walk the Earth.

The Lord is my Shepherd…I shall not want. He restores my soul…for His Name’s Sake.

Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Lord


Watch. And Wait. And Don’t Be Afraid.

There’s a lot of terror in the world.

And I was reading in Proverbs this morning. And the verse out of Proverbs 3 just struck me over and over.

Do not be afraid of sudden terror or the desolation of the wicked when it comes. For the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught. When you lie down you will not be afraid and your sleep will be sweet.

I’m also reminded of Psalm 130:

I wait on the LORD. My soul waits. And in His Word I do hope. I wait for the LORD as those who watch for the morning.

So watch. And wait. Be ready. And pray. And don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.

Shabbat Shalom. May Peace be upon you.

I feel peaceful. I feel a little anxious. I mean if you’re not anxious you’re not taking it seriously. But I’m not afraid – “oh my gosh, what’s going to happen?” I’m going to see what’s going to happen.

But right now life is really good.

Don’t Think About Dying Tomorrow

When I was in Iraq and Afghanistan, myself and everyone I knew had to learn how to not think about dying tomorrow. We had to put that out of our minds. Thoughts of death and failure impeded our ability to function. It impeded our confidence and our capability and our performance.

Fast forward to today. There’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of hurting going on. But we still have a very important job to do, even if we’re not getting paid to do it.

People are watching us. People are counting on us. And we have to perform.

So, I suggest you create something. Compose poems and songs. Write an article. Be creative. Be expressive. Make a video.

Be positive, because we’re going to get through this.

It’s Wednesday. Have a great Wednesday.

Ancient Wisdom For Changing Times

I want to share some thing with you.

I want to share WISDOM.

Anybody that’s on a path of Wisdom, or a path of Truth…you have to go through Proverbs to get there. Proverbs in the Bible is the gateway to Wisdom. It covers everything – economics, marriage, relationships with neighbors. It covers the Creator. Every situation you can find yourself in as a human can be covered in Proverbs.

Our lifestyle is changing before our eyes. Now is the time. Now is the time to study wisdom literature – ancient wisdom literature. Now’s the day.

So get Wisdom, and with all you’re getting get Understanding. Read Proverbs. You can read Proverbs 1 on the first day of the month, and by Proverbs 31 you would have covered a 31 day month. So it’s something that can be very habit forming in a positive way.

And don’t have any fear. No fear. There will be Light and Love and Life.

It’s Wednesday. Have a good night.

The End Of The World As We Know It

Well it’s here – it’s the end of the world as we know it.

However there’s a lot of good news. For one, people are moving closer together, even as we’re pushing farther apart, if that makes any sense.

We get so much of our stuff from foreign sources, and that’s gonna contract. The lines of communication, and the things we purchase, and how far we have to bring them to our tables and so forth…. That’s gonna get shorter too; and I think that everybody, no matter where you’re at, you can start some kind of garden. It’s one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever find – producing a food that you enjoy eating right there on your windowsill, or in your backyard, or if you have some land, out there too.

It’s mid-March. Now’s the time to be doing this anyway.

There are a lot of reasons to be hopeful. The world is changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Do the things that you’ve been wanting to do anyway.

I’ve got tremendous hope, and all we have to do is do right.

Tomorrow is going to happen. Yesterday happened. And the only thing that I had the power to change whatsoever, is just in my head and in my heart at this moment.

And I’m not afraid.

Proverbs 16:3The Scriptures talk all about this. Today is the 16th, and for me that means it’s Proverbs 16 (that’s what I read. Tomorrow I’ll read Proverbs 17.) But one thing really caught me today: that if you commit your works to the LORD, your thoughts will be established.

And all of us have a lot of thoughts right now. And me, like everybody else, woke up this morning going, “okay, what’s the next bad news?” But I committed this project to the LORD, and so he helped me organize my thoughts.

And the world isn’t so dark. As a matter of fact, the world is extraordinarily bright this morning.

It’s almost Spring. And that’s good news.

Have a great Monday. It’ll be gone before you know it.

A Little Note of Encouragement

Good Afternoon.

It’s Wednesday evening. This day’s almost over. And I feel compelled to offer you

a little note of encouragement.

I needed encouragement this week, and I want to share that with you.

This day’s almost over, but tomorrow’s a brand new day. And we’re all going to get up, and we’re going to do it all again. Because that’s life, and that’s what we do.

Sunrise on the set of "Raising Wild" TV show
Photo Credit: Wendy Hines

Days end, and days begin.

And the most important part is in the getting up. And I think we can all do that. So have a good night. Be encouraged. There’s hope.

There are reasons to wake up in the morning.

All right, we love you guys…

Have a good night.

UFOs/UAPs/Angels Photographed Above Reality TV Location?

Last summer, (June 22, 2019) Wendy took this picture of the sunlight still shining on the hill above us after it had already set behind our western ridgeline. Recently, while browsing through old photos, we noticed this one and saw that it contained some strange objects in the sky. We did not and still do not know what they are. We sent the photo to our friend Reyna at 4321 Media, and she ran it through a few filters she had available. That produced some interesting results.

We put it all together in video and posted it on YouTube to see what other people might think it was.

Some of the comments:

“Enoch’s watchers and living fires of god”

“Totally agree with portal.”

“I am of a firm belief that these craft belong to the realm keepers”

“It looks to me like Moses and Aaron with his rod.”

We also sent the photo to L.A. Marzulli who has done extensive research into UFOs, ETs and the supernatural, and he didn’t know what it was either.

Here is the original photo:

Unidentified aerial phenomenon above the set of the "Raising Wild" TV show
Photo Credit: Wendy Hines

Would love to hear what you think. Please share in the comments section below.