The Politics of Fear

In my honest, educated assessment, I’d say none of this pandemic response is based on Science or Logic. Remember the fear they created with videos of Asian people convulsing on the ground? Remember when our first response in WA State (the first to report a case) was to pick a volunteer firefighter camp in the forest to stash cases away? Then it was five RVs behind chain-link. At first, masks weren’t necessary – now you should wear two…for a virus. HCQ was identified early as a good treatment – until Trump suggested it. Why is it that of all the lockdowns and financial destruction, China’s economy actually grew last year? This virus is real; it exists. Where it came from is still hotly contested. But we can look back and see The Politics of Fear played out…as small businesses and big dreams were crushed, our economy ground to a halt and we added Trillions to our debt. Heart attack victims and gunshot victims who tested positive became Covid casualties as empty hospital ships sat offshore. New York and New Jersey have the highest numbers of any state and you can look to the ravaged nursing homes and those governors for culpability. And then the Riots. Doctors and Nurses came out all over the country and declared ‘Social Justice’ was worth the risk. Now both the CDC and the WHO are revising PCR test parameters and case numbers. Because Biden won. If you look at what counties that are still locked down in WA state – they’re all Red. Decisions made in the nation were not made in response to “The” Science or Logic; it was all about Fear, Control, Trump and the ascendancy of the People’s Republic of China. That’s my no-shit assessment.

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