Merry Christmas!

Everyone knows there are ancient and even pagan roots in the celebration of Christmas.
I know that and don’t care. If for one evening and one morning and one day we can commemorate that a certain, specific event split Time and announced the Kingdom to some anonymous shepherds on a hillside in Judea…if there is one day we can recognize that a person named Jesus first drew breath on his Mother’s bosom….then we all know what this day is about.
This Day is all about Jesus….about Who He is and Who He means and where we all are going and what is going to happen. Most importantly, its about The Father. It’s about Him and what His Son thought about Him…and what Jesus was willing to do.
Merry Christmas.
The Lord Bless you and Keep you. The Lord make His Face Shine upon you and Be Gracious to you. The Lord Turn His Face to you and Give you Peace.
Merry Christmas.

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